Three Contractors’ Secrets to guarantee lowest cost for Foundations

By August 22, 2013Blog

1. Get a specialist Engineer to design the foundations

Have you noticed that the world is becoming more specialised? IT used to be that you could just go to the Doctor for whatever ails you had, but now you can get pushed and prodded by all sorts of health specialists. The same with fitness. There was a time when you would just pull on the runners and go for a run around the block. Now there are 24 hr gyms, bootcamps, and personal trainers. Even in personal training there are specialists for Mums and Bubs, Power lifting, endurance, body scuplting and so on.

It is the same with the Building industry. Originally all engineering was designed by an Engineer. This was then separated into Civil and Structural, Mechanical and Electrical. Civil and Structural are usually still combined, however in recent times Foundations has started to become a speciality within Civil/Structural. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Unqiue combination of Civil Engineering (ground effects, Geotechnical Engineering) and Structural (Concrete and Steel properties and design)
  2. Rapid technology development in foundations construction creating new advanced techniques
  3. Contractors moving into Design and Construct, creating specialist Foundations Engineers
  4. High risk involved in foundations design

What does this mean in terms of getting the lowest cost for Foundations?

It means that you should find a specialist foundation designer. A good designer will have experience in the latest and cheapest techniques and will be able to work with you to determine what is the best solution for your site.

2. Get the right Contractor

– check references

– check equipment

– do they present as an honest person

– will you be able to trust this person

3. Ask for lump sum fixed price

-Sounds obvious

– Contractors will give you every reason under the sun for not giving you a number

– Better to get a number with conditions that are understood, rather than an open ended arrangement

– Sometimes there will not be any way other than daily rate



Bonus No. 4: Consider a Daily Rate



Bonus No. 5: Avoid rock drilling



Bonus No. 6: Ask us for a Construction Feasibilty Report