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We specialise in drilling and installing piers in difficult ground conditions and low headroom areas. We have the experience and equipment to complete your next project & make your future building project a success.
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Narrow access? We can install piles on a live station platform.

Equipment & experience to make your next project a success.

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Unique lift core solutions by putting the piling rig into the lift core.

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What is CFA?

CFA piles are formed by drilling a continuous flight auger (hence “CFA”) into the ground.

The auger is continuous from the bottom of the hole to the top, as compared to open hole drilling where the auger might only be 1 m long.

For CFA drilling the sides of the hole are supported at all times by the soil-filled auger, eliminating the need for temporary casing or bentonite slurry.

Upon reaching the required depth, sand-cement grout or concrete is pumped down the hollow stem as the auger is steadily withdrawn. Reinforcement is placed immediately after withdrawal of the auger.

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