About Access Piering

The idea for a difficult access rig was formed in the late 90’s by Richard Buckland. The trouble was that there were no drill rigs on the market that were capable of the jobs needed.

So began the process of designing and building our first drill rig.

Launching the business in 2000 with a revolutionary machine that can drill to 8 m, we have since added 2 other rigs designed and built along the same philosophy. Our rigs are designed specifically for the Sydney market to drill piles in all conditions and they are modified to increase power and flexibility coupled with a relatively small equipment footprint.

We continue to offer our fast and professional service providing piles in low headroom or difficult access sites. We can handle pile sizes from 300 mm up to 600 mm diameter, down to 14 m deep.

We pride ourselves on listening to the Client, and delivering high quality foundations at the right price.  We enjoy strong support from previous Clients and Engineers that we have worked with and we regularly work with past Clients.

The quality of our workmanship and our experience within all sectors of the construction industry has enabled us to remain competitive, retaining and expanding our client base. We continue to concentrate our experience and expertise in remaining true specialist foundation contractors.

At Access Piering we don’t accept convention just because it is the norm. We continually strive to find new innovative ways of solving problems on site while maintaining our focus on health and safety, sustainability, ensuring our Clients always get the right solution, first time.

Our specialist rigs and highly experienced site teams deliver certainty on time and cost, and differentiate our service from the market.

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