Retaining wall for multi-unit development in Newport

By November 22, 2014Case Studies

Access Piering were engaged to deliver a 7.5 m high retaining wall for a multi-unit development site in Newport. We had 2 drill rigs on site, with 2 full complete CFA set ups. There were 360 piles required on site, for a total of 2300 lineal metres.

The ground conditions were sand, with heavy clay. The water table was approx 1 m below the surface.

Working closely with the developer and the excavation contractor we were able to save 5 days off the program, and fasttrack the capping beam and excavation.

Note the value of a specialised CFA drill rig as seen in the photos. The machine can set up the auger “off to the side”. The operator can align the tracks with the retaining wall, and drill off the side of the machine. This saves valuable time as the operator is not required to track in and out for each pile.

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