What is piling?

Piling is the construction of a vertical structural column, called a “pile” or “pier”, in the ground. There are a variety of techniques that have been developed to cover all types of ground conditions.

Pile foundation systems are:

  • Continuous Flight Auger
  • Open hole
  • Under reamed
  • Pier and grade beam foundation
  • Micropiles
  • Tripod piles
  • Sheet piles
  • Soldier piles
  • Suction Piles
  • Adfreeze Piles
  • Vibrated Stone Columns
  • Secant piled retaining wall
  • Contiguous Pile retaining wall
  • Slurry walls
  • Deep mixing/mass stabilization techniques

Different pile materials are:

  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Prestressed concrete piles
  • Composite piles
  • Cast in ground piles
  • Displaced soil cast in ground piles

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