Piling a retaining wall for a new Garage in Woollahra

By August 15, 2013Case Studies

Access Piering were asked to help a homeowner who was trying to build retaining wall, to create a new garage in Woollahra. The existing garden was 3 metres above the finished floor level (FFL), and there was a layer of very hard rock about 1 m above the FFL. The piles needed to be drilled into sand and then socketted into rock, in a tight garage.

Unfortunately the homeowner contracted the building of the garage to an in-experienced contractor who proceeded to install poor quality piles. They did not have the right equipment, nor the experience for such a difficult project. When we inspected the piles, we could move the piles with a 3.5 t excavator. Just in case you were wondering, once a pile is installed it should NOT move.

When Access Piering came on site we had to remove the poor quality piles and install new piles, with proper rock sockets.

Because we have the experience and the equipment to manage this difficult project, we were able to install the piles safely and quickly. Here we can see the drill rig on the upper level drilling the garage walls.

Drilling in Woollahra

Drilling in Woollahra. Note drill rig in the back right of the photo above

End result was a a great retaining wall, a very happy homeowner and a new safe place to park the car.